Hoopin.Life Automatic Ball Pump

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Hoopin.Life’s Automatic Ball Pump

  • Up to 80 PSI (Great for car tires, sports balls and everything in between)
  • Portable, convenient, automatic, easy to use! Fill to the correct PSI every time without having to check pressure with extra gauges. You wont have to go to the local gas station and scrounge for change anymore. Fill your car tires accurately in your own garage or at a rest stop!
  • Set your desired PSI and let Hoopin.Life’s automatic pump inflate to your specifications. Pump will automatically stop when desired PSI is reached.
  • Easily change out included tips to fill sports balls, car tires, motorcycle and bike tires, or balloons and plastic inflatables!
  • Includes USB adaptor for charging. Convenient portable size fits in a gym bag, emergency vehicle kit, trunk of the car, glove compartment, or anywhere else you want to keep it! Perfect for emergencies, and travel. Perfect for coaches who want to inflate team equipment accurately and quickly.

Hoopin.Life’s portable and automatic ball pump and tire inflator allows you to easily inflate sports balls, inflatable toys, and vehicle tires to the perfect pressure every time. Running on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Hoopin.Life sports pump can be used on the road or in the gym. Fill multiple balls up quickly and get back to practice with your team. Charge the portable air pump with the included USB adaptor. Makes a great inclusion to your vehicle safety kit. Fill car and motorcycle tires without a power outlet. Hoopin.Life’s portable and automatic inflator fits easily in the car or in your travel bag. Stop jamming fingers playing with overinflated basketballs and dont let underinflated basketballs take the air out of your game! Hoopin.Life’s portable and automatic inflator is the one-time solution for all of your air pump and inflatable headaches.

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Weight 22.4 oz
Dimensions 9.3 × 3.0 × 3.2 in


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